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Beware of Flower.

not flour.

Siletta, the Serpent Rose
This is all about me, my life, my thoughts, my fantasies, my beliefs, my weirdness. If my nature offends you then buzz off, there's plenty of other things for you to do.

I'm 32 years old, or at least that's how old I am physically. I figure my soul is much older, but that doesn't really count. I consider myself to be otherkin, and strange in other ways I have yet to fully identify.

I like it when people disagree with what I say, if they are overly emotional and spout hate filled words they make my position look all the more rational (even if it's totally irrational). If they give logical and well thought out arguements I will likely learn something new and possibly alter my position based on the new information.

I am not christian, and never could be. This doesn't keep me from reading and enjoying LJs written by christians, though entries full of 'praise Jesus' aren't going to be read as thoughrouly as stuff I find more interesting. There are probably christians who read my LJ. Disagreeing on the nature of god(s) and salvation doesn't mean we can't get along. I'm a regular on a pagan message board with a catholic, who has a degree in theology no less, as one of the moderators. I find she provides a very useful perspective, not to mention answers questions regarding christianity.

When I write something here, in this public diary, I expect there to be disagreement. I believe that anyone in the world I could talk to will have at least one, probably more, belief/opinion/whatever which is in disagreement with my beliefs/opinions/whatever. Each of us is different, which is part of what makes the world interesting.